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Welcome to Judith Russell Pilates

Sherburn in Elmet

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A few words about Pilates

Pilates is is often recommended by doctors and physical therapists as a safe system of exercise which will help to strengthen your back. It is not however  ‘an easy option’ for people who do not want to move about too much! It is based on a rigorous exercise routine developed by Joseph Pilates.He created a programme to rehabilitate gymnasts and ballet dancers who had injured themselves as well as to keep prisoners of war fit and healthy.

Judith is a qualified Personal Trainer and Level 3 Pilates Instructor.

Fitness is a ‘retirement’ career for Judith who used to be an English teacher and,  dare she admit,   a Deputy Head teacher in a Leeds High School.

She trained with Future Fit and Pilates Training Solutions. She is qualified to work with G.P Referrals and in Pre & Post Natal Pilates.

She is also qualified in Sports Massage & Seated Acupressure Massage.

Fitness has always been a passion.

The exercises which are taught in most  Mat Pilates classes are modifications of Joseph Pilates’ mat programme and include aspects of more recent research on safe effective exercise.

Judith has  developed a programme which combines the principles of classical Pilates with some very functional exercises- developing balance, pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting etc. using weights and other pieces of small equipment which make her classes interesting and varied.More importantly the equipment is used to provide challenge or support when it is needed.

Judith has some experience of Pilates Studio work and tries to use this knowledge in her mat classes.

If you persevere with a programme of Pilates over a period of months you can expect the following benefits:

Better posture

Stronger back and abdominal muscles

Increased flexibility

Healthier joints

Improved concentration

Better balance

A more toned body

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